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We believe customers are inspiring, they make companies smarter, faster and more personal, products and services are better, and customers get what they really want.

Since 2005, we have been helping brands build deep, insightful relationships with customers, bringing them together to help with fast decision making and longer term strategic issues. We deliver evidence, inspiration and recommendation to the world’s most exciting brands.

Our Qualitative and Quantitative Services include the moderation of individual interviews, duos, trios, mini groups and focus groups.  We bring the right customers and apply the right expertise to your business challenges. We engage with customers and help building solutions to your challenges using our capabilities in Face to face interview, focus group, social survey, product’s test, on-line community amongst others…

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We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients.

We are strategic research consultants who are passionate about adding value, using our expertise in the areas of consumer behavior and insights, branding and psychology, to translate research into actionable possibilities for your business. We understand the demands of our local, regional and international partners and we are more than happy to help you connect with your consumers.

Other services include recruitment only, the highest quality translation, transcripts into English, reporting/analysis in both local and English languages, desk research, data entry and coding…

Healthcare Market

In Healthcare market research from 2005, Martine Fabry-Marneffe specialised in qualitative research, but is also experienced in quantitative research.

Psychologist, Martine has been involved in many healthcare studies in Belgium, mostly on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and international market research agencies like FMR Global Health, PSL Group Services, Haystack, TNS Dimarso, Gazelle Global Research, Medefield UK, Refer, Marketing Solutions, MSD and Dr Röensberg amongst others.

She carried out focus groups, mini groups, face to face, duos, triads, IDI’s, TDI’s on the field of Healthcare with target groups like GP’s, specialists, Pharmacists, nurses and patients.

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